Honeycomb grill on b8 - front parking sensors fail


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Hey guys,
Looking for some serious help ! I bought a honey comb grill to swap over onto my 2011 a4 quattro, swapped it over and it looks amazing compared to the standard grill ! However, i have tried to put the front sensors back onto the grill just behind the honey comb under my reg plate amd no my car wont stop beeping at me ! My sensors are saying there is something right infront of me when there is :( ! I understand its because of the new grill and buying a new grill with the sensor placements already fitted in place would have been a miles better idea but truth is im abit thick when it comes to cars lol ! Just wondering if any one else has had this problem ? And what can i do to sort it out because its extremely annoying. Im thinking of drilling holes into my bumper and re fitting my sensors there its driving me that crazy
Thanks !


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Most RS style grills should come with brackets to hold the sensors, they need to be flush with the surface of the grill and the number plate needs to be high enough above the sensors to not trigger them


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I tried to upload a pic of the grill but it wont let me, the grill came with the plastic where the reg plate goes and is permently on, that wont come off, it also came with the sensor brackets but its practically impossible to get it flush with the surface of the grill best i can do is attach them under the reinforcement bar, iv noticed today while driving in a flat surface or parking up on a flat surface there ok but as soon as im on a little bit of a slant (like my drive way) its sends them off saying something is there. Im thinking of attaching them a little higher see if that does the trick, not sure though