Horology and Audi


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One of my other passions is Horology and in particular Heuer watches. I have searched and until recently never been able to get one of these until this week.
Rumoured to only have had a run of app 200 units is this Lemania powered Audi Heuer.
Initially only sold to people who purchased one of the first homologated Quattro models in the 80,s. it's in near mint condition.
Very pleased to get one and it's a keeper



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Nice. I have a Tag Heuer. Is the Heuer watch from before it was a Tag Heuer?


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Nice. I have a Tag Heuer. Is the Heuer watch from before it was a Tag Heuer?

Yes mate

The Heuers were indeed before the merger with Tag and made some classic watches during this period mostly with a motoring theme and as such have a great heritage in the motor racing world with lots of famous racers sporting the brand
Steve McQueen, Jo Siffert, Nikki Lauda to name a few.


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I can't possibly say Turkster. No money has really change hands as I have traded a Panerai for it. I also got another Heuer in the deal and a few rare Heuer bracelets.


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I want one too.

Can I part ex my current one?

As I said this is a very rare watch from the 80,s. They do come up for sale but be prepared to sell a kidney.

Full write up here by a very nice Gent on one of the watch forums from a while ago so prices are now different.

Years in which they were made ?
No exact data is available, as you might know, this is 'standard' in the world of Heuers. Best guesses are that they were available in low numbers for a very short time frame, 1 or 2 years max. Probably made available around 1980-82. Other sentiment is that they were only made in extremely low numbers, so may only have been available for a very short time frame - 6 mths maybe. Others have noted that they were not available at Heuer dealers/ADs.

Any variations?
Not that are known of

Similar to taht of the 510 Heuer series, so around 42mm case. Big

New price ?
Not known, as mentioned, there is sufficient evidence that these were only available as a option to buy if you ordered a new Audi Quatroo from a selected few showrooms. Not known if this was limited to Europe.

Pre-owned value today ?
£2k+ ish, difficult to pin down due to such low numbers that have ever been seen in an open market - could go to £3k. On a par with AMI Lemania 5100 military Heuers, I'd say. Values are rising quickly, especially with the added Heuer connection to the current Audi Sport e Mans success. It's a very special Heuer, it pulls together various elements that envelope the entire Heuer story - motorsport, Lemania etc. One of only a handful of Heuers that actually have a motorsport team on the dial.

Rare or available from time to time ?
Super super rare - but what are the chances that 3 turn up on ebay this afternoon, now I've said that.
I have one, I know of 2 collectors over on OTD that have one.

and of course , anyone know where I might get one !
Sorry - no idea.

Hope that helps!


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Are you quite good with watches I have a tag heuer and have no idea what it could be worth or If it's rare I can't find it even googling it I'll post a picture.


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Indeed I do have everything with it


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If I'm not mistaken it's this model number CJF2118.BA0594. They did command about 5k but with the opening of Tag Boutiques they do heavily discount models when they discontinue them so they may have gone as low as 2-2.5 k. I know the ladies one plummeted and I assume the gents one was a bit of a marmite watch.
Secondhand may get you 2k plus.

A lot of the modern ones at least half in value on the secondhand market and only as they get older and rarer do they increase.

I do have some prototypes that were never released in the 80,s. they were to be called the Tag Edge for various reasons but they pulled the plug before release.

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I'm really not sure about the code, I know it's a calibre 16 and it's kinetic with glass back to see the gears which is a nice touch. I can find the women's one like you say but nothing on the men's thanks for the info though appreciate it.


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Just type that code in mate it brings up the gents model. Yes the cal16 auto movement is pretty bombproof. I have a lad up here in the north who services my watches. He served his time at Tag so you get the service without paying the price.
Very nice.

The company TAG own all sorts of random things - including Farnborough Airport in Hampshire! I've always liked the pre-TAG watches that Heuer made.

I got my TAG Heuer as a 21st from my parents. My brother got a Cartier for his (only a basic one), but as I'm far more adventurous and sporty than him when it was my turn 9.5 years later, I wanted something robust. I chose a S/EL with a grey face and brushed bracelet (at that time you could get a more 'bling' version with alternating brushed/shiny links in the bracelet). I still love it, wear it every day.

Only mishap was when Goldsmiths in Reading did a battery and reseal and didn't reseal it properly. I only found out quite a while later when it leaked and I ended up having to have a new face and hands. But house insurance paid up and the face now looks like new.


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Excellent. Obviously a man of taste as this is what started it all off when I purchased an SEL chronograph as my first real watch


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UPDATE on info about these watches......

I received by chance an email from a Gent who it turns out lives about 5 miles from myself called Nigel. He saw the watch on here & contacted me about it.
It turns out he had a big passion for Audis in the 80,s & his first car was a Quattro. In tandem with this his Sister was employed by Prestons of Bolton (again about 5 miles from me) & they new the Preston family very well. Prestons at the time were also Heuer UK.
Nigel saw this watch for sale & his father managed to get a deal with the shop to purchase one. They only had 1 on display so he had to wait a month to receive his watch.

His sister remembers that these watches were only sold by Heuer UK head office (Prestons) & all the rest of the stock were shipped out to Audi dealers. She also recalls as does Nigel that these were only on sale for about 2 months tops & the watch in the window resided on a very nice red display with a big Quattro behind it.

He also led me to an ad for the watch that is placed in an Audi book which is entitled Audisport, World of Rallying No6 by Martin Holmes. I have managed to source one via the web & now have it in my person.
Nigel unfortunately had his original watch stolen in California about 4 years ago (he works in the UK & the US) and has trawled the web looking for another.
A few weeks ago he found one that Nic (Heuerboy) had & struck a deal.He hasnt got the original bracelet but is still searching for it.
He also recalled that it originally came in a blue box & not a red rally box & had an audi outer box.
He also knows that Hannu Mikkola has one and also David Sutton of David Sutton Motorsport & Museum fame. He thinks that all the drivers from that year were given these watches.

I hope this is a little more info & that it help the community a little Here is a rare sight 2 Audisport Heuers on the Original ad.......Enjoy










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Wow, I had no idea these even existed; lovely watch, and one I'd be quite tempted to hunt down in future.

Bit of a TAG fan myself, but only invested in the later TAG models to date. I do have a motorsport model, it's a 2010 Calibre 12 TAG Heuer Gulf Monaco.




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Very nice Warren. Monaco,s are stupid new price now.

I have a few Heuers but the Audi is the most rare and a watch we still cant get an exact total of numbers on.