How much mileage is too much?


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I thought I was close to buying an A3 but got an RAC report back which said the general assessment of the car was 'below average' which put me off the car, I've seen another which is a lot closer to me, practically the same car, a 1.4 automatic 2010 A3 TFSI Sport 3dr, but the mileage is 54,000.

I know that you'd have to see the engine and such to get a real idea of the condition, but generally speaking, is this a lot?


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Personally as long as it has full service history I wouldn't be too fussed about mileage.
That example works out at 18k a year which is just above the average.


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For me the only thing mileage tells me is, how much the next service is going to cost!


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Mileage can be irrelevant I think. My dads A4 1.820VT has done over 260,000 miles its still got shed loads of standard parts including the clutch, exhaust, turbo. It got well looked after mind, I've fit around 8 timing belts to it ha.


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It's only relevance will be the price of the car. The higher the mileage the cheaper the car.

Average mileage a year is around 10-12K so it's a bit above that. I have a 2009 A3 that's done 55k too.


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I'm not too fussed on mileage to be honest providing it has full service history, like A3Kent said, higher miles, cheaper car..


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Mileage looks fine to me tbh.


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It depends on your future plans for the car. If you're going to keep it for a few years and only do low miles then it will bring it back down to average mileage, meaning you can buy it cheaper but sell it on for the going price. However, if you're planning to stack the miles on in the next few years you'll take quite a hit and potentially struggle to sell it.

If it's got FSH and looks well cared for then I doubt you'll go far wrong!


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Thanks for the response guys. I think I'll get the car checked out again and if all is good will go for it. I don't intend to be doing many miles on it, maybe 5 or 6000 a year so the mileage on it won't exactly spike.