How to change rear spring?


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So I have a broken rear coil spring, need to change it for MOT, been quoted £40 labour + the spring cost.

I think this is something I am capable of doing myself with some guidance.

My car is an S Line, can some one please link me to the correct spring for my car as I am having a little trouble finding the correct one.

Also is there a how to guide anywhere?



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Jack the car up, take the wheel off, unbolt the shock - either at the top or bottom, presto - spring falls out (push arm down if it doesn't)

Reverse the above steps to fit with locating spring correctly

But to be fair £40 to get someone else to do it isn't a bad price and to know it's done correctly


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as above , it is a simple job to do , please use suitable axle stands if you do attempt it , and if you have xenon HiD headlights be careful of the load / headlight level sensor which is fitted to the passenger side rear arm , disconnect the arm before removing shock absorber bolt to avoid breaking it ;)


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Planning to do this myself soon, so this is helpful. Can anyone advise on the fronts?


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Speak to a car parts supply company & give them your reg number & they should be able to tell you what one(s) you need (replace in pairs)

Or go to Audi or VW and give them your reg, same outcome

I often use euro car parts enter reg online or somewhere like deamontweeks plenty to find online


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Easy job undo the lower shock bolt while the car is on the floor, then jack the car up (leave the wheel on), as the car lifts the arm drops & the wheel stays on the floor & the spring literally falls out. Put the new spring in & slowly lower the car in stages so the spring sits correctly and the shock lines up correctly to be able to slide the fixing bolt back in place.


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is there winter in your area? if so, buy new sway bar(s).. you might need to cut them because of the nuts and the rusty bolt.. buy a strut spreader tool.

remove wheel. unbolt the sway bar. loosen the strut pinch bolt. remove the three nuts that holds the ball joint. spread the strut. remove the windshield crowl. remove the 3 bolts holding the strut. remove strut. compress spring. remove bolt. new spring. vice verca. done