How to choose the right tyre ?


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Tyres play a key role for the safety and comfort of a vehicle. Under the guise of a black circle of rubber hides a true concentration of technology comprising several different elements, the most important of which are the carcass, the rubber compound and the tread.

Tyres may belong to different categories, have a different positioning and consequently may provide different benefits. Here are a few rules to help you make your choice.

Buy the right dimensions

Each car is approved for one (or more) specific dimension(s). Load indexes and speed ratings may be changed in accordance with clearly defined rules:

=> Speed rating: In terms of legislation and from a technical standpoint, it is possible to increase the speed rating (for example, from H to Y). But, it is prohibited to fit tyres with a speed rating below that of the original tyre (for example, from V to Q). However, winter tyres are a specific case: The speed rating can be lowered to Q. Please refer to the European Union legislation, Appendix II, paragraph 4.2.2 at: EUR-Lex - - EN

=>Load index: Like the speed rating, it is possible to increase the load index (for example, from 79 to 83). However, for safety and legislation reasons, it is prohibited to fit tyres with an index below that of the original tyres (for example, change from 101 to 95).

Concerning tyre dimensions, we recommend you fit the dimensions approved by the manufacturer. As for everything to do with tuning and preparation, we suggest you contact the relevant authorities for the equivalent dimensions.

Check the age of tyres

The DOT code provides information on the manufacturer, the plant where the tyre was produced and the date of manufacture. To find the manufacturing date, look at the last 4 digits of the DOT code. The first 2 digits indicate the week of manufacture and the last two digits indicate the year. For example, 1013 means that the tyre was manufactured in the 10th week of 2013. We recommend that tyres over 5 years old should be checked by a tyre professional once a year. Tyres over 10 years old should be changed.

A tyre designed with you in mind

Selecting a tyre can quickly become a real headache. Here are 3 questions to help you choose the right tyre for you.

- What is my driving style?
- What is my budget?
- For me, which tyre performance criteria are the most important? Braking, energy efficiency, longevity...

Use ratings to compare performances

Rezulteo provides a unique rating system that includes the various results taken from the International Motor Press. Scores are given for several criteria. These criteria allow tyres to be compared and above all, assess those that best meet your needs.

Happy driving ;)


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Hi all, i'm a new member to the site and i have enjoyed reading many of the items threads .

I'm now in the position to ask for some advice. i have just purchased a set of original 19' inch RS4 wheels for my Audi A4 2008 convertible DTI. The new wheels have no tyres on them what do you suggest i put on them? I wont to avoid the ride been to hard. And concious the the RS4 wheels i have bought were original made for the larger flared arches
Regards Otto.