I dont think my s3 wanted to go


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Sold my s3 last night, guy came down to night with money and the head gasket blew! i cant believe it! was just sitting in the garage ticking over when we were having a chat next thing it running rough and coughing water and oil outta the back, whats the chances!:crying:


bad luck, its very good luck for the guy who was about 2 buy it, a sickner for the seller who had no idea it was about 2 go, i feel sorry for both of you


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i cant believe it! well well gonna have to man up and take it on the chin but man im sick!!


Aww maaan! Really sorry to hear that Kev! You've really had nae luck with that car.
You deserve much better luck when you eventually get rid of it and buy the replacement (don't worry I won't say what you're getting to replace the S3!).


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That is very bad luck. Had the chap been to view the car previous or was this the first time?

What did he say? I bet he was also gutted.


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Feel for you man. Though its probably better than the guy buying it, only to walk back down your street an hour later wanting his money back. Good luck with the repair.


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Sorry to hear what happened KB, rotten luck!

Hope it's a simple head gasket job and there are no further issues


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Bad luck mate, but it's better it went there than for the new owner to have it go on them on the way home, then you get a whole load of abuse from it! Lucky and unlucky at the same time for both parties.


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Tell him to buy the lottery ticket, and you give him half the money.....
are you letting it go as is?


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i think im having a change of heart, might just keep it and fix it up as a project, spoke to my mechanic mate, he reckons its because its a high mileage car which has sat for three months, so hopfully hes right and its not the head gasket. yeah the guy was gutted, i felt bad it looked like i was trying to punt a lemon on but it was a genuine mistake!


a m8 of mine had a similar problem with his evo 5 spent about 15-20k on the car jap import running about 500bhp he had left it in the garage for couple of weeks as was killing him on juice going back and too to work when some one came down to buy the car it was up for 9k starts fine as soon as the turbo kicked in at 4k it started to judder so let of the turbo then tried again and boom turbo went and also conrod went, so was complete new engine needed my m8 was gutted although the lad offered him 2k for the car and took it the suspension was worth 1200 full tein coilovers with elctronic adjustment has 4pot brembos with ceramic discs all round and a carbon diff.

alot of money lost. hope you get it fixed soon

what were you going to buy next if you could have sold the car?


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fancied a jimny for a laugh plus for the snow for a while, quite fancy a mk5 diesel golf now


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sorry to hear, must be heart breaking