i want to convert b6 to b7 what exactly do i need


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i bought a b6 that was involved in a front collision crashed her b6 so since im making changes i want to take the opportunity to make the conversion from b6 to b7 like howdy quattro, i already have a lot of parts from the b7 hood, bumper, side fenders, grill, side bumper grills, as well as the radiator and condenser, from looking at the pics what else do you think i need, and what can i encounter when doing the conversion.











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You also need wings which are shaped different at the front end to hold the b7 headlights... Now although the b7 wings are a straight swap (like most other parts will be), they are slightly different in the sence that the lines that run down the car will be out of place... Howdy Quattro solved this problem by modifying the existing wings of a b6 to fit the new headlights. you'll also need the slam panel and headlights.

I was thinking of the same mod last year for my cabriolet, and as far as i'm aware, the cabriolets do not have the problem with the wings, b7 cab wings and b6 cab wings have identical lines.. can anyone correct me if i'm wrong?? cos this is something i may still do....


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talking about the wings i actually also bought the passenger side fender from the b6 since the driver side one is intact and bought the 2 fenders from the b7 for the wings part, i also have the slam panel of the b7. The question is what will i encounter that is not on howdy's conversion thread? i bought oem headlights of a b7 are they gonna be plug and play or am i gonna need a special connector/converter?
will the slam panel of the b7 be aligned with the b6 FAN?

i have lots of questions, guess ive aught a asked first....

I forgot to say its a 2002 A4 quattro 3.0 L Tiptronic