IDLE speed BKD engine


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Does anyone know what the range of idle speeds is for this engine?

Also, using Ross Tech what is the correct blocks to check and how do you increase or de-crease the idle speed?



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At a guess i think the idle speed should be between 700-850rpm

You won't be able to change the idle speed as its a part of the ECU engine map.

You'll only be able to monitor it using Vag Com with one of the meaurement blocks.


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Just hada heart attack!

I just walked out to my drive way to check the idle speed on mine....But my A3 wasn't there!

.....Then i remembered its gone to have its Cambelt done! Phew lol

But i'll check it tommorrow when i get her back but RobinA3's guess seems about right.


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it can be done

the garage have raised it twice but i still thjink it's a little low
the aircon being used when engine is cold causes a splutter.

Not as bad as it was ...