In a mad pickle. Copart sold me a CAT B car advertised as CAT S!


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Hi peeps, hope you're all well.

I'll cut to the chase. Back in November 2020, I won a car on Copart Salvage auction which was advertised as a Category S vehicle, didn't have much damage on it, start and drove with no airbag, chassis or engine damage. I enquired prior to make sure it was an Insurance entry which it was so I went ahead and bought it.

I had a very close family member pass away suddenly around that time so I completely put off any work or car repairs, plus I had a lot of other projects on which I've also been getting through.

Finally got around to sorting this car out, and randomly did a Hpi check on it (not doing one prior and trusting copart) and got the shock of my life.

Copart have sold me a CAT B car, advertised as CAT S. This car is useless to me now. Copart cover themselves with all their disclaimers, but literally, I'm SERIOUSLY out of pocket, over £7,000 .

Any recommendations please? Any previous experiences like this?


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Hi, I would contact the Copart CEO with a copy of their advert along with a copy of the Hpi check and ask for an explanation, possibly mentioning Trading Standards. Do this in writing not over the phone, depending on how reputable this company is you may well have to fight through the Courts and showing all the efforts that you have done to resolve the problem before Court will be in your favour.
Best of luck and I hope you get a speedy result.


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As above, take screenshots of the website stating about cat b not being sold by them, also any advert pages document's stating by them its a cat s.

I'm sure once you put this to them, they will refund you.


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How did you pay? If by credit card, section 75 or debit try for a charge back

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Hi Guys,

Just an update. Absolutely no help from Copart on this one at all. I managed to find out the insurance company that sold this to copart and asked them to review the pictures & report. They admitted that there's no way that this car should have been classed as a CAT B and that their engineer made a mistake, so they've removed the CAT B. I wonder if I should still go after Copart or leave it, but honestly it's so unprofessional of Copart, and literally treated me like I was the one at fault for "not doing a Hpi check before bidding, regardless of what it says on the advert as they're not responsible for the Category classification". Just a heads up to anyone else, PLEASE do a Hpi check before making payment for a car, because after that, you'll be stuck, as copart will not want to help you.

Thanks for all your help fellas. I used some of the points you mentioned when emailing copart.