Indicators playing up - relay?

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Hi chaps,

For some time now my indicators have been a bit temperamental - sometimes they flash fine, other times they have been flashing erratically (that's erratically, not erotically). Anyway, this week I've noticed that they now actually stop working after about 5-6 flashes, even if the indicator stalk is still in the correct position. Turning them off and on again solves the problem for another 5-6 flashes.

I think this may be the hazard relay - any thoughts/advice on this one? Anyone had the same problem?


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Hey Paul

Hope you are well mate...

It sounds much like the hazard relay that has gone, I did mine a while ago, cost about £30-40.

It doesnt take much to replace either....

You may need to remove your stereo and prise the whole hazard unit out, then just click the new one in place...job done :)

Oh and I had the same symptoms as you.


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(that's erratically, not erotically).?

Good to see you again matey :)

But Uh oh... Getting turned on by flashers lol...

In all seriousness, It will either be the flasher relay or the stalk. Contacts in both can wear and cause issues like this.


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sounds exactly the same as a problem i had with my old 18t, was the hazard light switch.. got a new one from audi fitted it and never went wrong again, abit fidely as its actually attached to the back of the hazard light button itself, but it'l sort it bud 99.9% sure

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Hazard switch for deff. It has 2 relays in it, one for hazards and one for indicators.

It's why your hazards probably still work. iirc there is a later one than the std fitted unit and it's sub £40.


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OK thanks chaps, that's what I suspected. I think I've seen a guide for the hazard relay replacement on here somewhere so will have a search, unless anyone has the link to that thread handy?

Mark - yes the hazards are fine.

I'll get myself a new one for that price, but thanks for the offer george_seamons.


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I had this as my indicators were intermittent sometimes and only one side of the hazards worked, replaced the hazard switch and all was well.

Mines a pre facelift s3 but i did it like this:

Drop ashtray (1 screw in the centre)
Remove stereo
Remove 2 screws from where stereo was
pull facia out and drop out of the way just enough.
Hand into where the stereo was, couple of fingers up into the gap behind the hazard switch and push with a bit of force and out it pops.


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I didn't have to remove the stereo! I just got off the faceplate over the ESP & cupholder and then it was accessible...

You guys got aftermarket head-units, yeah?


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my indicators have just packed in too , i hope i dont have to remove the standard head unit. is there a how to guide on removal


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This happened to me today as well. Wouldn't work at all. Then worked if I pushed the stalk a little harder than normal, but only indicated left regardless of which way I was trying to indicate. Thanks for everyones replies as I would of guessed it was the stalk.
Mine has just packed up too, it has been playing up on and off for a while, I wizzed it out before tea, a tap seemed to start it up every time it jammed. I have cleaned up the contacts and adjusted the common pole to be more central, it now seems to be working again so we shall see how it goes :)


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Mine stopped flashing then I put the hazards on and it's worked ever since lol. If its not entirely broke then it's a gooden :)


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Lol well it's been ok for a month now. I know it'll happen soon, just hoping the car gods like me and keep it working till I can be bothered to get one. Dont jinx me nilz :(