insurance rip off

abdul h ghafoor

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I have a clean license, no accidents, claims, 11yrs no claims. I'm 38yrs old have HGH, lgv, tracked. Yet still the insurance companies are charging me over 400 to full insure a 2000 a6 diesel. Disgracefull. I work in law and order and only use on average 6-8000 miles. I've insured 3rd party for 330 after 3 days shopping about.

Brrrrrrrrr rant over. U alright, I'm alright.......


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£330 isn't too bad to be honest. I'm paying around £350 on my 2000 Passat Estate TDI with 12yrs NCB, 10k miles, 35 yrs old, clean license for both me and missus on the policy.


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You've gone third party over £70?

I suggest you sell your Audi and buy a Ford Focus or something like that, sounds like you can't afford to run it to me.