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ive just been hoovering the car and noticed my carpet doesn't sit tight on the floor. It is sort of bossed up as if it's too big. Is that normal? I've had a couple of other 8Ps and never noticed this before. The carpet isn't wet and no signs of any leaks. Any one else's carpet the same? Cheers


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I can think of two things:

A. These are not original carpets - eBay is full of very good replicas

B Manufacturing defect

Its likely to be A.


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I know what you mean. It's weird. When you press it down it springs back up like there's some hardboard underneath. And it's not just a couple of mm. It's a good inch above the floor. I've read about assorted possible leaks that can mess with your carpets like the scuttle being blocked and drains under their battery being blocked but, the car seems pretty genuine. Bought it 2 months ago from a Lexus main dealer. The drivers mat is a bit worn through under the clutch pedal so doesn't look like they were trying to hide anything. Maybe a previous problem that has been sorted. Who knows?

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have you checked that the floor pan of the car isnt bent upwards , just look under the car to check .