Intermittent Haldex issue.


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I have recently purchased an Audi RS3 and before purchasing, whilst on test drive I noticed a fault with the 4WD. I asked the seller to get it repaired which he happily did, and I purchased the vehicle.

The vehicle had a brand new pump and oil change from a very well known specialist who shall remain nameless.

Car has done less than 1000 miles since I purchased it over 4 months ago.

I've checked the receipt and noted that there has been no filter changed or on the invoice? Now with the part being around £45 for joe public I very much doubt it was included in the price.

So I phoned the specialist who are over 2 hours from myself. I was told by the lady who answered the phone "We dont change the filter, we just clean it out".

Long story short the garage want me to take it back to them to diagnose and repair. I dont mind traveling, however I feel if I was to purchase the filter and replace it would resolve the issue and solve me a very long drive.

Just looking for advice if anyone has had an intermittent issue after having repairs carried out?