Intermittent Traction control and ABS lights


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Hi.... I seem to have an intermittent problem with the Traction control and ABS lights both coming on.
It seems to be completely random as to when it happens and if i turn the engine off and re start the car the problem doesn't happen for the rest of my journey.

Is this common?



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It could be one of several issues, without a VCDS scan you're clutching at straws.

Next time it does it, see if the brake lights work - a faulty pedal switch can often give the warning light combination you've mentioned.


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+1 for the above, could also be a steering angle sensor, as James said would benefit a diagnostic check in the first instance.


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When I had this problem (on my S8) it turned out to be a faulty ABS sensor, do you feel the ABS kicking when stopping from very low speeds ie in traffic as well? that was another symptom of mine

Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps

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I get this and speedo goes off too, always get the code for front left wheel speed sensor but replaced about 3 times with new ones and doesn't help I'm in the process off finding the fault checking things