Ip Man


Defo worth the wait :)
Anyone seen this??

Its about Ip Man, the Grandmaster and introducer of Wing Chun, a style of martial art.

I thought it was an excellent film


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Seen it plenty of times, I think there's going to be a part 2 to it apparently.


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I.P man, lol

I prefer Subnet man or even Mac Address Man.


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Seen it a few times, awesome movie!


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A fantastic martial arts film that puts it's genre ahead of the historical facts. This isn't a bad thing, as it produces one of the best Kung Fu films of recent memory. The first half is an introduction to Ip Man. It's fairly lighthearted and has some great lines. The son on his ...( read more)tricycle riding round the house is a particularly funny moment. There are some great fights which are a lot of fun to watch.


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i.p is a great film. i love the fight scene where he takes on 10 martial artists :o.k: , i recently watch i.p man 2 and i wasn't disappointed even more great fight scenes. I highly recommend the sequel too


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Watched this last night on bluray.

Amazing film, is ip man 2 the same guy?

Oh and the part where he takes on 10 people, i have done that many times in ju jitsu, although obviously not at that level, but still just as intense.


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such a genius film, fight scenes are insane, and for an oriental film the storyline/plot (which is based on true events) is fantastic. I.P Man part 2 is out now and i've seen that too, very good film. still based on his life, it continues from the first one when at the end he escapes and how he's set up his training facility. and also i won't ruin it but the end leaves it open to the third part.

p.s. you all know I.P Man is they guy that trained bruce lee right?!! :). if you're into these types of film there is so many good ones, but the ong bak trilogy with tony jaa are fantastic thai fighting films and i highly recommend.


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sick film!