Facelift Is it in my head or is this thing getting quicker?


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hey all.. long story short.. I picked up my 2018 RS3 last October and due to work etc I haven't really driven it long journeys much to the point where this week (today in fact) I've just rolled over 808miles..

I've been trying to take it easy for the run-in but have had the odd splurge of right foot every now and again.. today I noticed on school run that now I've seem to hit the magic number it really wants to go!

last week I did a 210 mile round trip to an office and hit 750miles and achieved a staggering 36.4mpg!

since then it feels different, almost like the brakes have been let off and also sounds much louder (in a good way) engine sounds less 'tappy' too.. I guess this is just wearing in but feels GREAT ! its like a 'run in' restrictor has been lifted ? ( I guess this is a placebo)

now if I could just stop that TCS light flickering when I put my foot down :):)

just thought Id share my experiences..(loving every minute)
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The cold weather will also be helping performance!

I did think that, however ironically its over 7 degs warmer today..


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My face-lift is nearing 10k miles now and the sports exhaust has definitely loosened up and is sounding louder and better. Love it.


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Sport button is your friend ;)


went out for a little spin at lunch, decided to do a sporty foot down at some lights and TCS kicked hard and held me back before thrusting me towards the moon..

my god this thing is quick and confident inspiring .