Is this an iPod dock in my glove box?


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I found this iPod? dock in my glove box.

I tried it with my iphone4 and it didn't do anything. Anyone any ideas what it might be compatible with?



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Looks aftermarket to me whatever it is!


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Defo aftermarket, but like you said it does look like an iPhone/iPod dock.. Have you followed the cable back to see if its plumbed in?

Craig Cull

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Do you have the Bose set up? Does it say anything on the fine when you plug it in? Light up etc? Mite be difficult to see.


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never seen 1 before like that but looks ipod ish
id have the box out and trace the wire
plug 1 in and press the CD button on the radio twice.


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Looks like a Denison iPod aftermarket unit to me. I had one in my ford fiesta a few years ago before I upgraded to an Audi. Mine had the exact cradle and the unit was connected in via a FM modulator. It then tuned into a free radio frequency. If I can remember it was something like 88ish FM don't quote me on it. The way to tell is to plug the iPod in and play a song and just scan the fm radio channels and it will hopefully pick up the right frequency.

This is just a suggestion I carn't tell what the connection is but as stated earlier if you follow the wiring you can tell how it's wired up.if it is an fm modulator then it will be connected to the car arial

If it is a FM modulator there are far superior ways of attaching an iPod to the head unit.


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Cheers guys.

When I plug in the iphone the head unit starts to beep intermittently, and keeps beeping. I can't get it to play using any functions on the stereo. I have the Bose setup.
I need to find where the wires go, but it's a tidy install and they appear to tuck straight up the mounting bracket out of the top of the glove box.

I will give the FM a go later, but due to the stereo beeping I guess it's plumbed in somewhere. I reckon it's for older i-devices.


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Thats an older dension ipod interface, had 1 in my S3 years ago.