is this normal

Mr Overboooost

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hi everyone
i have just picked up my 2001 s3 with 120k on the clock which overall i am very pleased with.
the only this i have noticed is that the clutch seems to bite almost on the floor is this normal for these cars.


1x S3 and 3x Fiestas.
Mines bang on in the middle, had it had a clutch change? If so then that sounds fine.


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Mine is almost at the top (not much life left on it)

You could try rebleeding it to make sure no air is in the system

Mr Overboooost

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Ive been told its had a clutch but no paperwork to prove it.
Might try bleeding it first but if its still the same then i guess its had a recent clutch.


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The bite shouldn't be that low even on a new clutch... I'm guessing it just needs a good bleeding to be honest, does it feel a little "spongey" at all?