It started with....a few weird problems.


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Got some new problems on my A4 Avant.

Went to get in the car the other day and unlocked it as usual from the remote.
went to get in and the drivers door was locked. so i thought i mustn't have unlocked it, so tried again and the same thing.

i put the key in, and unlocked it which it did. i then relocked it and tried again but the same problem happened.

now a few days before that i went to fold my mirrors in when i parked and nothing. the electric windows can be adjusted and previously folded ok so whats happening there then?

then i noticed yesterday that the door lights that used to work were both out.

went to have a check via a diagnostic tool and it came up with intermittent communications in door module.

im having the wires in the door from the body to the door checked tomorrow, as we thought it might be a split wire.

any one else had this? just seems strange that the windows work, mirror adjustment, and light on the switches work ok.


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i get the locking problem where i have to keep putting the key in the ignition and push the unlock button and then its
ok for a few days then back to not working


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Could it be anything to do with the convenience module?

it didnt mention about the convenience module on the diagnostic. just intermittent communication. ill know more and post tomorrow.

well, i have had some problems.

my lights went out, then my remote stopped locking my drivers door. and the only way i could lock it was with the key, the second turn arming the alarm.

took the new window motor regulator out, back with the old one. no change.

took it to a garage today, and the auto electrician was just about to give up when he thought of an idea to get it working.

there were some outputs of the window motor that just were not outputting anything. weird right? but the problem was in the wiring between the door and the convenience unit under the passenger seat. a break somewhere. the auto elec ran a new feed from the conv unit to the door, had all my dash out and door panel off to fix it.

also found out i have the problem of the high pressure sensor for the air con acting up.
as found HERE

so i took my light out and found the sensor (known as the THRUST SENSOR on ETKA. ? weird name.

it was loose. so i tightened it up again but the error code is still there. going to get that sorted prob tomorrow get them wiped off and see if it resets itself. i am HOPING that it was just the fact it was loose to give an error.

my door problems are sorted now, lights working and remote is locking and working as normal.

cost me £65 to get it fixed tho.

the auto elec said that if it hadnt of worked it would be a trip to audi, who would probably want to change a wiring harness, costing upwards of £1000. so £65 seems like nothing.
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Isn't there a common fault of the wires breaking in the door loom?


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yes i think so , problems related to alarm, mirrors, window switches, door lights, central locking, etc.

however my wire wasn't broken in the door wiring, it was somewhere from the dash to the control unit. luckily the auto electrician couldn't find the break so decided to rewire it for the things that weren't working.