Juddering 1.6 Sport


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Just bought a 1.6 Sport 2004 with 10k and it judders when in low revs in 2nd and 3rd gear.

The garage has said that it is to do with the "logic" in the car. Apparently A2's A3's and A4's have this and it kicks in when tootling round town to save fuel. So here in Guernsey where the max speed limit is 35mph it is on all the time so when I accelerate or go up hill it is not getting enough fuel and kango's a bit. Apparently on A3's and A4's this can be turned off but not on A2's.

Does anyone know if this it true or not?

Has anyone experianced the same?



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I have tried there already, they reckon to try a different fuel up to 97 ron.



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you see mine runs fine on 95 or 97 - seems to make no difference. THe thing I will say is that I have driven a A3 1.6 and it is a very different drive, I am not overly enthusiastic about the A2 1.6 - I expected more refinement from the engine and better performance given the weight.

Once mines fixed (got a misfire ATM) I'll see if I can match the fault.