Just a quickie! S3 what grade oil???

S3 Eddie

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Going to do an oil and filter change on my S3 this afternoon, just need to know what grade oil to use?
I have 5w30 Fully synth in my oil tanks at work or i have 10w40 semi synth mobil oil in cans in my stock room.

Hope either of them will do as then i only have to pay for an oil filter!! :happy:



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Ed - use the search!! :slapped:

Only use Oil that conforms to VW 503.01 spec.

That covers 5w 30 as well as some 10w 40s.

S3 Paul

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People tell me a tuned turbo charged engine should have slightly thicker oil than a standard car driven by say... my mum,
Its because the oil has a harder life in a hot tuned car pushed hard on a regular basis.
Could this be the case??