Just about to go xmas shopping and starter motor Gone....


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Fecking stupid car, just what i want to be doing on xmas eve, oh well off to the motor factors....


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Serves you right for leaving your xmas shopping till xmas eve ;)

Only kidding mate, hope you get it fixed.


The Clar!! it mouves!!!
bummer:haha:......happy christmas fella


needs to scratch the itch
You dont seem to be having much luck this week mate. Hope you sort it and have a good crimbo.


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this happned 2 mine! i just giv it a few wacks while the mrs was tryin 2 start it and it works now! ent had a problem since and that was bout 2 months ago!


Goodie Gum Drops
Yeah tried giving it a tap or two but 2 no joy, picked a motor up this morning but been told the girlfriend i'm not gonna be fitting it over christmas. :keule: