Just bought one


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hey, the missus bought an A2 today, we pick it up on Friday, can anyone give me info on these cars? ie, how to remove bonnet etc....



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Hi & welcome

Great news when you get it, put up some pics so we can have a look:icon_thumright:

I will post up a pic of the process tonight, however its fairly simple , just pop the bonnet flap (under steering column) and under the flap either side you have 2 quick release locking knobs. Turn these and the bonnet needs to be pulled foward and lifted away.


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Under bonnet on my TDI


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Great looking car, The silver is always nice on the A2 and with the Forged (i think) alloy wheels in polished form it all looks spot on. I would hazard a guess that in a few years those forged rims will be the A2 wheels that people will pay a hefty price for being the rare ones in the UK.

I hope she enjoys it:thumbsup:


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Only ever had one as a courtesy car for a few days but my missus fell in love with it, and it was silver with the polished alloy wheels (Good little motor) She said it was better than the A3 ????