Le Mans 2012


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Is anyone else gonna be following the race?

As its my daughter's first birthday this weekend I've had to series link Eurosport HD / 2 on the TiVo.


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My boss has gone over there for a stag due so will be watching it all live.luck bar-steward


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Hi Helifella, tbh Le Mans 24h isnt my cup of tea as a rule, but there wasn't anything else on tv so i started to watch it after seeing your post.
only watching on and off found it very interesting and thrilling at times.

i hope you enjoy it when you get time to watch mate and hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday.

ps.. i think it was worth watching for the pit stops alone, the pit crew jumping all over the car, then gettting out the way for only two to change the tyres!!
Couldn't get this add out my head .........

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What a fab day - Had a lovely time with the family, kept a quiet eye on Twitter feed and now watching my own abridged version of the race. Some nasty crunches, felt very sorry for the Deltawing of Nissan and over the moon for Audi Motorsport.