Leaky water pump.

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Evening chaps.
Not that it really matters now but thought I'd share my findings anyway for future ref.
My old bus is on 89k miles and was in need of a cambelt/water pump change etc, something I've been putting off for a while now, finally tackled it a few days ago.
No issues with the job but what I did notice was the amount of force required to get the old one out, I know they can be snug but there's snug and just downright solid.
Anyway, i didn't pay that much more attention to it as it came out with some more persuasion.
There was some water staining on the block at the base of the pump which cleaned off ok but closer inspection of the pump seems to indicate it has been leaking for some time, not a massive amount or I'd have noticed a drop in the header tank but still it had been leaking.
it was an OE pump but I was a little surprised it had been leaking, Idid my TT last week and the pump had been on for years and without any leaks and it just pulled out no probs.
I did wonder whether it was down to the person that fitted it maybe not lubricating the o-ring and it being pinched slightly when fitted.
Just curious if anyone else had suffered the same probs.


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Hi Rob.
The rubber seal has popped out because it is worn out or has been subjected to heat shock during use, but it is also possible that the mechanic really made a mistake.
But if the mechanic made a mistake, why is the end of your water pump colored?:blink: