Some people call them fairy lights, but there is a craze going on in the south. To date I have seen a Vectra, Zafira, Saxo and Leon with led's surrounding either thier front lights or fogs. Whilst I was walking home tonight I saw a Micra with leds attached to the lower grill!

I wish I can take some photos as evidence, but I might dazzle the poor buggers with the phone flash.:wacko:


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Take the photo as they go past, with a big a flash as possible.

Make them think they have gone through a speed camera.


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Its at the point of Audi's introduction of LEDs that i started to think the marque went south. Even on the big Q7 it looks very "Escalade rolling on chomes 22's" bad taste on any car if you ask me, whether its a Corsa or a Q7


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Agree with Unkle on this one, although the more natural white ones you see on the odd A4/A5 dont look so chavtastic.