Location of pollen and air filters on 1.4TDI?


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Can someone advise on how I access the pollen and air filters on my 2002 1.4TDi. I can see the airfilter box positioned low on the driver side front corner, however Im not sure what needs to be removed to access, such as the plastic shield under the wheel arch?
Same applies for the pollen filter, Ive been told its inside the car, but where.


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Just done both of these, so:

Pollen filter - nice and easy, inside the car under the passenger dashboard. You'll see a long thin slider. Pull this towards you and inside there's a lid with two plastic clips. Push these clips in the direction of the arrow to unlock and then the entire pollen filter in its' plastic housing will slide out.

Air filter - this is a bit of a pig. You're supposed to drop the entire plastic engine undertray off. However I managed it by just unscrewing most of the screws and gently peeling it out of the way. The cylindrical airfilter lives down in the drivers front corner just behind the fog light (if you have them). I also removed the fog light bit to get a better view and access.