Locked key under the bonnet!


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Some how, being a dib dob I wen't out to the car last night to grab something from under the bonnet and left my only key on the battery. I didn't realise until this morning (it was dark last night).

Whats the easiest way in? Try and remove the grille and pop the bonnet?

Its a 2006 Seat Leon.



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yeah as he said, try recovery service. things like this are the reason I buy a 2nd key straight away if I get a car with only 1

also worth getting just a blade cut. prob cost you £5 max. keep it in your wallet etc. will at least enable you to open a door in an emergency


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Do you have a good idea where under the bonnet? You could gently hammer a Philips screw driver through the bonnet to press the button.