Looking at buying a B8


Hello all

I currently have a B6 1.9Tdi sport 130bhp
I have been a test drove a B8 S line 2.0Tdi today and was very very impressed with the car and the deal that was struck at my local dealer.
I just have a question how do i know what BHP the car has is, it the same as the B6 with Kw on the sticker in the boot or on the hand book(mine is a 96KW).
The reason i ask is that the web site the car shows its a 120 and on the paper work ive got from the dealer with the offer on and they told me the car was a 143 i must say it didnt feel much quicker than my current car but didnt get chance to go to far will have another drive of it tommorrow.

Any help grateful and ideas of what i should look out for the car is on a 58plate with 12k on the clock and price an 21,995.




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Id seriously consider the latest B7 you can get your hands on.Build quality far superior than the B8.Wish id never sold mine.