Looking to buy an S4 B8/B8.5, few questions

Craig Norquay

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Hi all,

New to the forum, main reason being is I'm looking to buy an S4 Saloon or Avant (Avant is my favourite choice so far). I currently own an Vauxhall Astra GTC VXR and i'm not looking to move away from the hatches and FWD to something more premium and AWD. I'm looking at buying used, either a B8 or the B8.5, there does tend to be around a £5k price difference between a decent mileage B8 and B8.5 (obviously age is different but i'm basing it on the mileage). So a few questions.

Given the choice would you for a higher spec B8 or a lower spec B8.5 as a higher specced B8.5 is a fair bit more, I did notice that the front end has had a facelift and read the nav system is better than the B8, anything else worth knowing? Is it worth paying the difference for the 8.5?

Also what optional extras would people deem as a must? Read the sports differential is great, but is it a must?

The Astra has things like autowipers, auto lights, high beam assist as standard etc, I presume the S4 comes with these as standard?

and how are people going on fuel? I drive mine around town a lot and get 18-19mpg (Car is horrible on fuel all the time) so not too worried about this but would be good to know what to expect, can it get a semi decent mpg when sitting on a motorway?

Thanks in advanced guys.


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I've had my b8 avant for 2 months now. It's down to what you want really, i got a decent speced b8 for a good price, main 2 options im missing are drive select and diffrential, although i'm still loving the car without them.

b8 vs b8.5 is personal preference, i prefered the b8 personally.

For mileage i will get 15-18 around town (quite happy with the right foot though) and on a long run i've had it creeping around the 27-28mpg figure


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There can be a lot of difference is spec, for me a must is full drive select including the dampers, bang and olufsen, AMI, Nav, Bluetooth, heated seats, carbon interior and not forgetting stage 2 ;)
The diff is a nice addition, must have? depends on your driving.
Auto wipers and lights are std.
Mpg less than 20 around town

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My main musts were black pack and supersport seats, everything else was a bonus! Wasn't too fussed about ADS because it will be going on air anyways. Everyone that has it seems to rate it highly though


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For me musts are full ADS with dampers, super-sport seats, 19inch rims and HDD Nav (jukebox etc for music).

I'm averaging 25/26 mpg on 20min A road commutes. 18ish around town and did a motorway journey at the weekend for about an hour and averaged 33mpg (according to the DIS).

Personally, I prefer the B8.5. I prefer the front end but it's also got a newer (and "arguably" better) center diff. It's also got a better gear stick in the s-tronic :)


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Hey mate

Im running a B8 S4 avant with s-tronic and can't fault it even at 84k, it's had a couple issues but just millage related

I'd say ADS is a must as it alters steering feed back and revs as well as suspension

I can't speak for the 8.5 but I'm sure it's a cracking motor too and there's prob not much in it

Just my opinion but I would go for a higher spec older model but that's just what I do, good luck whatever u choose u won't be disappointed

Oh and as for fuel :) yeh that's all down to you I'm averaging 18 just now :) but don't travel far and I like to drive in man, you'll prob end up with very similar to what your getting now


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If you are planning to buy an S-Tronic then the newer the better might be prudent though no one except Audi knows the true reliability stats.

My current mpg over 10k miles is 26.6mpg according to the DIS. Gut feel is that's probably about right. Round town as @razza1 said it will be much worse. The S4 does not like city driving.

I bought a B8.5 as I couldn't find a second hand car in good enough condition and the discounts on new in 2014 were good. I specced black pack as my car is non Black Edition and I didn't want the chrome trim going milky as it ages. I specced sports diff but could probably live without it. ADS is a must for me as is HHA (Hill Hold Assist).

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Conversations about fuel economy in an S-car - makes me chuckle at lunchtime :)

Craig, have you had a test drive yet? It's possible to feel the effect of the sports diff by taking a roundabout fast, especially in the damp. Ideally you don't want a car with sports diff because they are damn hard to find!

Get yourself a pdf of the B8 brochure and become familiar with the specs and options. There are plenty of features that are standard for other makes but paid options for Audi. Sat Nav and HBA are two examples.

The key thing about ADS, even if it doesn't have adjustable dampers, dynamic steering, sports diff or ACC (the four options that ADS specifically controls), is that dynamic mode changes throttle response. However ADS can be easily retrofitted, including the button (that's B8.5, I'm not sure about B8).

Rich M

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Welcome to the Audi side

Fair few of us on here have come from high performance hatches to fast Audi's.

Brilliant cars and the S4 is wolf in sheeps clothing

I think everyone has pretty much covered it but best way is to get out and test drive one. There are so many variations of spec but if your after one with rear sports diff they can be quite hard to find

Regarding fuel, for the size engine and power i find it good compared with hatches I've owned (last two were 2.5l turbo) even a good motorway run with mixed driving sees over 30mpg but town haha best not to look :)


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Craig Norquay

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Thanks very much for the info guys, I've basically sorted it that I have a 20k budget, I've seen a B8 S4 very local to me. It's got a REALLY nice spec to it, it's up for £19k, not sure if that seems cheap or not? 37k miles,

Spec.. (not sure if i can post autotrader link or not)
Audi S4 B8 with a full Audi Service History and Audi Extended warranty until 01/2017 transferable to new owner. Sport Differential. £10k of options. Next service (minor) is not due until 12/2016. S-Tronic service done in 12/2014. New discs and pads fitted on the front in 10/2015. Water pump recall completed. Brand new Uniroyal RainSport 3 tyres - 19" alloy wheels., Initial registration: 5 January 2010 , Equipment , - Phantom black pearlescent colour , - Black styling pack , - adaptive Xenon headlights with LED day time running lights , - Audi Parking System Plus (front and back with graphical distance display) , - Advanced Key (Keyless entry and go) , - Electric slide and tilt sunroof , - Interior light pack , - Rear seats with through-load facility , - Audi Hill-Hold assist, - High-beam assistant , - Cruise Control , - Full Audi drive select including Adaptive suspension (variable damping control), Dynamic steering (variable weigh) and desirable Quattro Sport Differential , - Technology pack HIGH, - DAB, - B&O sound system. , - Carbon atlas inlays , - Black Milano Leather Super Sport Seats , - Leather Door arm rests front and rear , - Heated front and rear seats , - Convenience pack including Drivers Memory seat with individual settings per remote key, electrically folding door mirrors and auto dimming with memory function and auto dimming rear view mirror inside , - 2015 SatNav maps, 3 owners, Next MOT due 04/12/2016, Full service history, Electric windows, Air conditioning, Satellite navigation, Parking aid, DVD, MP3 player, CD player, Leather trim, Heated seats, Height adjustable driver's seat, Height adjustable passenger seat, Folding rear seats, Child seat points (Isofix system), Sports seats, 19" Alloy Wheels, Power steering, Steering wheel rake adjustment, Steering wheel reach adjustment, Cruise control, Traction control, Central locking, Alarm, Immobiliser, Driver's airbags, Side airbags, Passenger airbags. 5 seats, BLACK, £18,995

Only concern is obviously buying from a dealer give you abit of come back, buying private doesnt.

So my question now is, are there any common faults or things to look out for?

I know the Stronic is sometimes problematic? Any obvious signs?


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This is a nice spec. I bought my 8.5 a year ago and completely love it. Super sport seats are a must

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