Looking to buy an S4


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Hi there, I am looking to buy an S4, got a couple of questions.

I currently have an A4 cab with the 3.2 v6, would I be better off with a manual or auto box on the S4.

I drove a manual on Sunday and found the clutch bite was very low and the gear change was quite notchy is this normal as mine is really smooth.

Are there any other common issues I should be aware of.

Many thanks


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I would also drive a DSG and maybe another manual for comparison to see which you prefer. I like the DSG but not everyone does, comes down to personal choice.


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What was the mileage? I don't follow forum threads about the B8 manual much, but I think I remember that the lifespan of the clutch is not great.

We believe (hope?) that the s-tronic S4s built from May 2013 on have reliable gearboxes. It is the 2009/10 models that get the most reports of s-tronic gearbox problems. Service is paramount - be wary of cars which missed their scheduled gearbox service.


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I can't remember for sure, but that might be in the "window" for clutch wear, depending on how those drivers used/abused it.


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low clutch biting point would more than likely be an issue with the hydraulics.
The slave on the S4 is pretty weak & prone to issues,but as it is external it isn't a big job to change.
The SACS mechanism should (in theory) keep the biting point in roughly the same place throughout the lifespan of the clutch


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I’ve owned both and either is a great choice, really is down to your own preference. Drive both and choose, the manual shouldn’t be notchy. DSG is faster down the drag strip of that’s your thing.