Looking to getting a 3.0 tdi a5 what to look out for?

James TQ

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so Im looking to move away from my little hot hatch (Ibiza Cupra) and get an a5 3.0 tdi, I have around 10k to play with and it looks like for that money I'll expect 07/08 plate on around 100k miles, just asking what to look out for when viewing them though, is there any tell tale signs of work that's going to need doing in the near future, Id lone the 19" wheels but what is the tyre cost like? Do the clutches have a lot of life left at the 100k mark, what's general health of the turbo?

Any pointers would be much appreciated, also what true return on mpg are you guys seeing. Thanks


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35mpg is about average.

Engine is pretty bomb proof apart from the butterfly valves.

Are we talking STronic or Manual?

On both I think it would depend on how it's been driven for clutch life.

Re tyres - Don't think there will be a huge difference in price between 18 and 19 - you could always do a google comparison?

With them many miles look for a good service history from a good specialist service garage and if dealer get min of 6 months warranty even if you have to pay for it.

Good luck


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Re tyre prices... had 19" dunlop gts fitted x4 last week cost of £640 fitted, audi price matched event-tyres.