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OK will be picking up new car soon (I hope as it will soon be a month since it left the factory!)

I was going to take out the service plan , the 3 year is £25 a month , but the 5 year is £35 a month.
I can't seem to find out the cost of servicing . I will do around 10k miles a year. Does anyone have an idea as I am wondering if this plan is expensive...


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I have just paid £171 for the first year oil change service (9000 miles or 12 months) for my S3 but not sure what the 2nd year costs will be (as this will be a full service) although I suspect it will be in the £250 to £300 range.


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the 3 year is £25 a month , but the 5 year is £35 a month.

I have just paid £171 for the first year oil change service (9000 miles or 12 months)

So at £300 per year for the 3 year plan, and £420 per year for the 5 year plan.... already well worse off compared to the above £171 that would be spent in the first year with no service plan.
As for years 2 and 3 (and 4 and 5 if applicable) you'd probably find you won't save anything at the end of the period if going for the service plan, or even spend more.

Also wonder what extras they'd try and charge for, on top of what the service plan covers.


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Sorry if I'm being thick. I know that the 3 year plan covers 3 services, but I was wondering if it is actually 36 x £25 payments (£900) or whether the payment term is less?
What I'm getting at is - I had a 3 year service plan on a Toyota but the direct debits only ran for the first 24 months.(not 36 months)

What is the duration of monthly payments on the Audi plan?(How many £25 payments?) I can't find it on their website.

Hope that makes sense...:blink:


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I've just been quoted 36 x £19.50 = £702 for fixed price 3 year service 36 x £35 = £1260 for fixed price 3 year service and maintenance and 36 x £57.50 = £2070 for fixed price 3 year service, maintenance and tyres. My last A3 from new had 2 services and 1 set of tyres but the quotes I got that time round were £190, £250 and £380. I went for the £250 option and was about evens on the cash front but this time I'm telling them to stick it, what a rip off. 2 x service say £400 plus tyres say £480 total £880 and there looking for £2071.44 for the same thing. I was told it was Audi that offered me the good deal last time round, now its VW finance. An increase of 400% Beware!!!!!!


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I paid £ 280 for a two year service deal at audi . macclesfield . when i picked my car up in june this year . that includes either them picking my car up and bringing it back 29 miles either way . or leaving me with a car while they have mine ,


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That's the sort of deal I was expecting this time as my 3 year deal last time was £250 but I had to drop it off and pick it up.


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I paid £180 at midland vw for a sevice at 28k with plugs


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Thanks guys, this is all very helpful. I assume the 5 year plan is more expensive as it includes some bigger services (like brakes,etc). It includes all fluids (oils, brakes, etc) and MOT's including up to £750 towards any MOT failure (assume this excludes wear items like tyres). Though Audi give MOT for free anyway .

Doesn't sound like a great deal. (My daughter is getting 5 years on a A1 for a lump payment of £250 and that is a good deal), my only thought was that they have the same price for all A3's and as mine will be a Quattro did think this might include any haldex servicing.. will have to think aboy this as hope to pick the car up end of the week.


We had 3 years servicing on on 2008 A3 which should have cost £125, dealer gave it to us! Audi seem to have stopped this. So on our new order we have negoitated a Free Service!

Volkswagen are doing Sevicing Deals at the moment on cars over 3 years - I would have thought Audi might follow suit. I think it's £299 for 2 years and free MOT's or £129 for a service and £30 for an MOT outside the 2 year deal. Come on Audi if VW can do it surely you can!!