Main dealer service costs?


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Hi, my 53 A3 2.0 TDI DSG 3 door is hitting 90k in about 400 miles time. Its also telling me it needs servicing in 400 miles time.

The last service was at an independent, and lately the gearchange hasnt been as smooth as it was when I first bought it, and a few clunks etc, and yesturday i tried starting it and the starter motor wouldnt catch, only done this once mind.

I want to send it to audi to have a full service including dsg service, but I have no idea what the cost is ? I am self employed so I need to jiggle my finances.

Any ideas? I am based in Cornwall and will use either Truro or Plymouth Audi.

Obviously I will get a quote from them but would like to know the ballpark figure, and if theres anything I should specifically ask for with regard to the servicing at the 90K mile point.



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The DSG needs a oil & filter change every 40k, so sounds like you may be at least 10k over? I'm booked in to Truro Audi on tuesday to have my 2.0tdi dsg done as i've noticed the changes aren't quite so smooth as when i got the car and its coming up to 40K. Truro have quoted me £190 for this. I'll let you know what the difference is like when i get it back!


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If you bank if £300 for a major service and the £190 for DSG service your going to have a fair idea. Why can't the independent do the DSG service?


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I dont know if they can, but when we had an alfa romeo and took it to the independent they messed it up, fitted the wrong parts and so on. Their excuse was "its a bit different to the normal fords vauxhalls etc" :shrug: