Mapped s3's what mileage are you on?


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Just wondering for all those mapped s3 owners, what mileage are you on?

Have you had any issues?

Anyone blown up?

No blow-ups,which is tempting fate.....

Mapped to Stg2+ and engine built at Stg3+ and 40k miles

Bigger turbo etc....head built at around 60k with around 500bhp

Cylinder head journal failure at 80k miles,but no sign of that until.....
Engine stripped down and rebuilt at 80k miles plus head work
Now at 550bhp/550lbs and 90k miles.
All internals found to be within tolerances,inc crank etc

I think if the engine is properly built and maintained,reliability is not an issue,but rapidly becomes a serious risk if all servicing isn't done regularly and to a very good standard.


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Had mine from 42k miles.

Remapped @ 60k to stage 2 Giac software, remapped again @ 98k 2+ ish at Unicorn.

Now on 102k. Nothing has gone pop or bang yet, touch wood.

Original turbo etc (the only thing missing for stage 3 mind)

Intercooler and injectors have been found to be ready for sorting when I've been in there, but otherwise as you were... but some things were updated quickly... so might be a factor...

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Stage 1 at unicorns 321 bhp 47 000 miles no probs yet


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bought mine standard at 124k 6 months ago and its now running a revo stage2+ map


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Stuck an initial Bluefin stage 1 with GFB Dv at 66,000, no problems so far


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I bought my 2007 S3 standard at 48K two years ago, went stage 1 revo at 52K and then stage 2 at 56K of which I'm at 64K now and everything is still running fine touch wood.

As long as it's been looked after well with a good service history to back it up, then you're perfectly fine to remap a higher mileage/older S3.


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Revo stage 2+ and approx 60k on it now. Must be running that for about 20k now at least.


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My 2007 S3 was mapped from around 20k miles and I sold it at 87k miles with Revo Stage 2+ and 372bhp with no issues - driven daily, all over ireland and UK

Bar the obvious clutch slip but thats part in parcel with tuning - replaced with organic sachs clutch


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Thanks all, it is good to see this kind of information as a new owner, looks like these are a solid engine if looked after then :)


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Keep it well serviced including the cam follower and they'll be right as rain.