Minimum oil light!


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hey guys
quick question is it normal for a engine to loose/burn etc oil over 5000miles, only doing very little mileage every day?

i got a minimum light oil warning this morning and normaly get it after 4-5000miles then having to put 5-700ml of oil in?

i've been reading its a vw/audi thing???

ps: oil pressure light goes out as per normal!


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it would all depend on your type of driving and where abouts you drive but due to the type of oil Audi's use it is normal. they use a fully synthetic oil which can be used up quite quickly (especially on the 3.0 v6) they have tried to fix this problem by using a 5w30 in place of the 0w30 they used to use. dunno if it has made much difference.


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i only do about 6 miles a day, and its allot of start stop, my mk4 golf did the same thing but never warned me when the oil was low? i'm assuming its a vag thing.

bit worrying when you car drinks so much oil, its like having a mk2 fiesta!:wtf:


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@Terry what engine does your car have? In my 3.0v6 I have used about 1litre of oil in the last 14 months, have done about 9000 miles in that time.


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5-700 millilitres is ****** all over 5k with the mileage you do, your car is constantly running cold which aint a brilliant scenario to start with.


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the cars running 0/50 oil at the mo, audi leyvalley put that in on the last service, most of my driving is start stop from the moment i hit the end of my road, i did see on a us forum that audi have recently changed there oils across the range using the same oils in desiels and petrol cars,

i hope the oils just too thin, does anyone know if audi do a flushing service before a oil change?


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my A6 2.4 gets through about 500 mills every 1500 miles. its burning or leaking. i contacted audi and they said that is normal consumption. again i do a lot of short journeys. with the occasional long haul.

Not much help but your not alone.



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Sounds normal Terry, we have two Audis, one petrol and one diesel, and both drink the stuff. The dealers will tell you it's quite normal too.

Personally speaking, if I were you I'd get into the habit of checking it regularly rather than wait for the min light as that only comes on when it's very low, especially if you are doing lots of cold start urban stuff - you don't want premature cam wear etc.


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cheers guys
feel a bit more better knowing its normal, thanks simon i think i'll check it more regulary, still wierd how audi say its normal? very strange?


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if its a 1.8t I'd get the pickup pipe checked out. common problem which starves the sensor but more importantly the topend and therefore the turbo bearings.


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ALL manufacturers allow oil consumption of up to a litre every 1000 miles before they'll accept it as a problem. It's the industry standard.

Lots of cold starts and short journeys will make oil consumption higher.


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Whats the best oil to use for a 3.0 v6 quattro??