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I have been searching alot on here and other place to clarify something but cant seem to find a straight answer.

I have a 58 plate s3. I am currently looking to fit some standard s3 mirrors as mine were stolen off the car when the previous owner owned it.

3 questions really...

1. I have just bought a pair of complete mirrors but one is off a 2010 and one off a 2011 and now i am getting abit worried that they are going to turn up and be a slightly different shade silver or different finish of some kind. Is this going to be the case or are the the same through out the years?

2. Are the Stander mirror caps on the solid aluminium or are the abs with a brushed aluminium finish on them?

3. Do all S3 8p come with folding mirrors as standard?

Any help would be great as im confused about the hole lot and had a moment of madness and bought a pair!



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There is a difference between 10 & 11 mirrors.

Folding was never standard, we can supply/fit the folding mirrors if if interest & fit colour coded mirror caps so they're not stolen again.


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Is it the actual shape of the that is different or just the colour/finish?

These are the 2 i have bought they look the same in the pictures but hard to see the real colours in the pictures
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58/9 had the bigger 'dumbo' mirrors and the newer cars have the slimmer ones.

Personally prefer the dumbos, I hate driving other cars now, can't see eff all lol


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Yeh that's a different mirror to the 2010 one I have bought.

I have actually just taken the one I have on the car off and compared to the 2010 one I have and it looks to me that the shape and all the locating pins are in the same place so it should fit.

Will the 2011 one have the same fixings as the 2010 mirror I have and just be a different shade of grey?


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The two mirrors you posted are completely different , does your 2010 one look like the top one, which seems to fit under the car trim , or the bottom one , which goes beside it , non of the silver goes into it ?