MMI Sat Nav removed from my RS6 during failed theft


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My RS6 was attempted to be stolen during a house break in where keys were taken - car recovered soon after
However they decided to rip my MMI system out of its holder
I am trying to find wiring diagrams, can I check the MMI to see if it powers up before I try and refit
How can I refit as its annoying when it went to Audi after police checks they didnt even look, they just said needs replacing, as does caliper on drivers side, bushes on front struts - price was ridiculous - took to independent and things repaired and working at fraction of costs
working with audio specialist to find remedy
if anyone has wiring diagrams, videos or step instructions of how to refit the screen - screen is fine and undamaged


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Terminal 30 = +12V
Terminal 31 = Neg


Let me know if you need anymore help. You won't need to replace the MMI system Audi are just talking a load of rubbish.
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I've got the wiring diagrams, let me know what colours the wires are.
Hi there sorry about delay these are the wires for the sat nav


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