MMI shut itself down


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Only happened twice but very strange.
I have a 2016 PFL S3 and never had an issue with the MMI until recently. Whilst driving and listening to radio and Spotify via Bluetooth, the MMI has just shut itself off, screen off and zero sound. Can't recall what was listed at the top of the DIS but it wasn't the track/radio station. After a good few minutes it then restarted as if nothing had happened.
Anyone had anything similar happen?
Hasn't reoccurred for a couple of months now.

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Damo S

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Mine does this if my phone is turned off and I put it on charge via the MMI socket to USB converter lead that I have. It crashes the MMI repeatedly. If the phone is turned on and charging and its playing music from the SD card it can crash occasionally. It never crashes with the phone not connected. Weird, but I suspect it is something to do with the MMI trying to get the state of the phones battery life as it does like to warn you if its low (under 30% or so)