Mobile Phone Location


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Where do you guys keep your mobile phone when in the car? Although my car will have bluetooth, there is not a cradle available for it yet. The dashmount doesent look very neat in between the two centre grilles!


I keep it on the pocket or for longer drives on the door bin... Anyone knows where to get craddles for Nokia mobiles for the arm rest bluetooth preparation?



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i pu mine in the little hole near the 12v power socket (no smoking pack) where the basic sat nav controls would be if specified - nokia 6280 fits in there perfectly!


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Used to have a dashmount between the centre vents but now have a brodit mount and nokia cradle that fits to the top rhs of the centre console. Brodit also do mounts for other locations in the A3.


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I have the mount in the front armrest - fortunately there's a cradle available for my phone so it sits in there on longer journeys, for short trips I just leave it in my pocket.

I'd always recommend having the mount in the armrest as it looks plain ugly on the dash plus, if you don't have a cradle and are just using bluetooth, you can just forget about the mount altogether.


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I've got the Parrot CK3100 and my phone is either in my jacket pocket or the arm rest cubby. Perfect!


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my mobile phone slides around the central console.


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I either keep mine in my pocket or under the armrest on the slider for the cup holder (Audi OEM) Bluetooth Retrofit


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I have the nokia Nokia NK 7W, and i get the worse interference with the radio ever! Anyone else get this or know how to get rid of it?