mot failures - how much to repair?


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My 2006 a3 8p sportback s-line 170 has failed mot on points below. How much should a (london) indie garage charge to fix using oem parts?
  • Nearside Front Anti-roll bar linkage ball joint dust cover no longer prevents the ingress of dirt (5.3.4 (b) (ii))
  • Offside Front Anti-roll bar linkage ball joint dust cover no longer prevents the ingress of dirt (5.3.4 (b) (ii))
  • Offside Rear Coil spring fractured or broken (5.3.1 (b) (i))

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Shouldn't be expensive that, two anti roll bar linkages and the spring. You'll need to get both rear springs done as a pair. You can likely buy a pair of springs cheaper yourself from EuroCarParts and just get then to fit them, you can probably get the linkages too from TPS. The springs replacement and balancing if needed is only a couple of hrs labour so usually around £40-65 per hour + vat depending on the garage and maybe another hour or two for the linkages. I'd say all in something like £300-500 depending on garage rates and how much you can get the parts for would be reasonable

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From those descriptions, you probably only need the ball joint rubber boots, assuming they are available as a separate item and the joint isn't damaged.


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Thank you for the reply phateuk and Garrett.

The joints are needed I'm sure, as the car has been not feeling right prior.

I was quoted £430 Inc vat for the 3 things above and the cost of mot too using non genuine parts and £560 Inc vat for audi oem parts.

Been using the same garage for years and it's the first fail on mot, so trust the garage on mot honesty. Just seems a lot... but went ahead as didn't want the headache of changing garages and bringing it back.

Non vag indie,Greater London Labour rates, and garage is always busy so they don't need the work as such.


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2 drop link changes takes 20-30 min total if rusted, non oem parts costs £20 for both from GSF.
2 springs about £50 each gsf non oem and 30 mins work to complete both sides, just removing one bolt for suspension... No alignment needed.

DO IT YOURSELF, you need one hydraulic jack and axle stands and some normal hand tools.

Total parts cost about £120 plus £45 for MOT.