MP3 interface


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I have a Sony HD5 plugged into a connects 2 device that then plugs into my concert2 headunit (its the CD player for an A2 2004) and interface works through my cd changer port.

Its now on its way out (the connects2 and the HD5 unit), and as im not an ipod person I wanted to try other units and the only universal connection on most of them is the headphone 3mm jack input (i think its called).

Is it possible to buy an interface that converts from 3mm headphone port to Audi concert head unit? In the same way most modern head units now all have the 3mm port on the front so you can use any MP3 player?

The other benefit would be that if it goes wrong i can replace the MP3 player in a year or 2, without having to replace the interface.

Thanks in advance