MPG update Averaging 28mpg across 6600 miles


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Just a quick average MPG update with my car now having completed 8000 miles. I've averaged a real world 28mpg across 6600 miles since keeping a record. I'm regularly seeing 34mpg on the DIS commuting runs - well up on the 31ish in the first 5000 miles so it seems. The RS3 is run on super plus (98/99ron) just for clarity. Even on the most spirited on road runs over a decent (30+ miles) distance a real world 21 -23 mpg is still realistic.

I know it's not something that matters much with an RS3 but always useful to know the reality from real owners, and I think these are good numbers for a car with this much power - certainly 10+mpg better than similar power Impreza's or Evo's and in my experience about the same as 200-270bhp hot hatchery.


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Just stopped on a long run from Glasgow to Manchester, topped out at 31.6mpg....... Record for me as I'm usually hovering around this waterhole looking for a drink.....



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Great to know MBK.

Sainsburys near me now have super but i find the mpg worse than tesco 99.

On a side note I know you first service at Cardiff was foc but can you remember what was on the invoice?
Seem to remember you saying the cost somewhere but cannot find it. Mines due March and Bath want 150... for an oil change which I've done already.


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Good figures there, starting to regularly get 30-31mpg (340 miles form 50 litres) out of a tank which is mostly commute and some fun with just over 3k miles on the clock. I reckon there is a little more to come when the summer tyres go back on and regularly see 35mpg on DIS1