Multitronic gearbox oil change


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Hi all any ideas what i should expect to pay for oil change on my a4 multitronic iv just been given price of 175 from a garage close to where i live also does anyone know of anyone im cambridgeshire near ti wisbech


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Thats not a bad price really, most of it will be for the gearbox oil which is the expensive part. Think they have to use a special machine to fill the box again too.


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I am looking at getting mine done at the mo. audi quoted me 198 quid. Got a local vag specialist looking at cost too. Checked out how it's done on auto data. It's pretty specialised by the looks of it. Gearbox level got to be taken at a certain temp. And special tool used to pump oil in. Tempted to just pay extra and get it done at audi and know its done properly :-/


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I had mine done in Burwell at Audi Specialists - £102 + VAT..

They are 35 miles from Wisbech. the fixed price servicing is pretty good value.