Multitronic oil change??


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My father-in-laws 2001 2.0 petrol A4 with multitronic gearbox is coming up for its 40K service, and as far as i understand needs the gearbox oil changed. I service his cars but have read all kinds of horror stories about requiring special oils, extensive draining / refilling kit, temperature control etc etc on this type of box. Can anyone advise if this is possible for a competent DIY mechanic or whether it really is a dealer only job? Any guides and fluid advice would be more than welcome :shrug:



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I've got a Multitronic myself. I've no idea whether it can be done on a DIY basis, but I do know the oil must be changed at the stated intervals, otherwise the box can start misbehaving in a big way.

But even if you book it in, it's not a huge amount. Fontain (they're a non-franchised, independent Audi specialist in Bucks) charge £128. You can probably reckon on around £200 for a franchised dealer, though.

Do you have good indie in your local area?