My Audi - Audi Track (Big Brother Watching!!!)


I was sent an email from Audi Aust. about this new thing. Audi Track is a sophisticated GPS tracking device for your Audi that can monitor heavy braking and acceleration alerts, speeding (over a set speed) and more.

It is not an Audi product, but operated by a third party, and is not free. In fact, one has to contact their stealer to find out the $$'s.

Surprise, surprise!!! Dare I suspect insurance companies will absolutely love this to assist in rejecting accident claims. On the positive side, it may well assist if one is contesting a speeding fine.


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Thanks but no thanks for this... I really don't want Audi knowing how I drive my car (although they could probably already check, technology-wise). I have the SOS system in my car that automatically calls folk in the event of a collision so I don't think that I need more than that personally. Just like I'd never take a black box in the car for insurance purposes given the choice!

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Afaik all modern EU cars come with a "black box" no idea if or how it is activated. As you say the rozzers etc will definitely look at the data in the event of an accident etc.


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