My B8 Black Edition Avant


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So I've been on here for a while but never considered my car a project, I've been making improvements to get the car how I wanted it, whilst keeping it practical as I use it everyday in my field based job.

Started around a year ago with a 2011 B8 Black Edition Avant - had to be a black edition after hearing the B&O stereo! and over the last year have added the following modifications:

Refurbished 19inch rotor alloys - rears are A5 versions so 9x19 ET33 for the staggered look (wish I had put these on all round now but was worried about fitment on the front) and 4 new Continental tyres.
Lowered on Eibach Sportline springs
Black S-Line badges and Audi rings
Later flat bottom steering wheel with multi function working (after buying another steering wheel to get all the right parts!! cost a fortune)
Custom exhaust with rear box delete and dual exit - Milltek ceramic black tailipipes and new dual exit rear valance.
Dash trims around the speedo and radio display painted gloss black to match the door and dash inlays (always hated that silver when everything else it black)
Single number private plate
LED interior lights and number plate lights
White front fog light bulbs

It's been a great car and I've had zero dramas in the year i've owned it, all maintenance has been carried out by an Audi tech (helps when your wife works for the local main dealer) and is going in on Saturday for a cambelt and water pump and oil and filter change whilst it's off the ground.

Excuse the pictures i'm terrible with an iphone camera and the car wasn't exactly clean (and no its not my Smart car in the background! :) )



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Nice looking A4, im after a flat bottom steering wheel for my A5 facelift


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Thanks - Steering wheel was a pain as originally the flat bottom wheels came from a A3 so I needed to change to the correct dual stage airbag and also change the steering wheel controls as the buttons weren't compatible, I ended up buying another steering wheel from an A4 but not a flat bottom, and harvesting the parts. Probably the most expensive way to do it - you can buy them ready to go on ebay around the £500 mark


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Thanks - not too bad considering the 141,000 miles it's covered!

Looking at a few new mods today - front wheels spacers and footwell and door lighting from Trups.


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Waved good bye to this a few weeks ago, currently running a B6 1.8T Sport 190bhp - don't like the fuel consumption much! but temp until house move goes through then it will happily get replaced!