My S1

Euan Miller

Hi guys, pretty new to the forum. Had my S1 for exactly 2 months now and i’m in love. Went for the competition in sepang blue. Smile every time i sit in the seat. I’ll leave some photos here.

Looking for some opinions and advice. I plan to order the revo induction kit and i am now on the hunt for an exhaust system. I’ve been thinking either Remus or Scorpion but i would like a second opinion and i’m open to suggestions. Cheers


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Looks awesome!

Mine is going to look very similar, thoroughly looking forward to picking it up next week (fingers crossed).

How are you finding the 18's on british backroads? The dealer added them to my spec to reduce the build time (odd, I know).

Euan Miller

They came as part of the exterior pack on the competition. Really like them. Got them ceramic coated too. Personally i prefer them