Named Driver quote, young driver.

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My mums thinking of getting a new TT, and I would like to be a named driver on it next year when Im nearly 20, and I just cannot get a decent quote anywhere. Ive been through Admiral, and got this message at the end -

'We need some more information regarding drivers on this policy - Please call us on the number below.
While we are unable to offer an online quote, we may be able to give you a quote over the telephone. Please call us on 0800 118 1611 Mon - Fri: 8am-11pm; Sat: 9am-8pm; Sun: 10am-8pm.'

Does this mean they don't want to insure me really, or just need some more information about me due to my young age?
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Give them a bell mate, what have you got to lose by trying?


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Gonna be a tough call on a 20yr old driving a TT :) and that is on your mums name!

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Thanks for your replies. I know its gonna be a tough call at 20.. but I dont mind paying it! Out of interest, I put it in my own name, with no ncb, with my parents as named drivers, just to see what it came back at, and it was £3500, do you think it will be cheaper than that as a named driver seeing as my mums ncb will be on there? But I dont understand why it will quote with me as the main driver but doesnt seem so keen if Im a named driver!