need help with arb


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good evening all, had a clonking noise ages ago from the front and me being me decided to leave it but now its got much worse, slightest bump, rapid steering movement, speed humps it bangs, steering and cornering still feel tight i would say. Anyway im going to replace the arb bushes 1st and see if there is any difference and go from there. what i need to know or help with is what size is my front arb? car is a a3 turbo fwd and is MY1998. what bushes do you guys recommend? just need this noise gone as its seriously getting on my nerves. cheers guys......


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Well I measured mine with a vernier and its showing 19 or 20mm. Mines a TDi quattro. But everywhere I have looked it mentions 21mm. Sorry to confuse you!! Best to get underneath with a vernier.